Health Savings Accounts & Bankruptcy

My family has a Health Savings Account (HSA) so we can pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses not covered by insurance, although it would be more accurate to call it a health Spending account since we never seem to save much in that account. The basic idea of an HSA...

Agreements Not to File Bankruptcy

Is an agreement not to file bankruptcy enforceable?  Can you sign away your right to file bankruptcy? A recent client asked that very question.  His payday loan agreement specifically stated that he could not discharge the loan in bankruptcy.  Contracts commonly state...

Cheap Bankruptcy Attorney

You are searching for a cheap bankruptcy attorney.  I get it.  Money is tight.  You need those garnishments to stop right now but you can’t come up with the money to file bankruptcy. All bankruptcy attorneys do the same basic function, so why not hire the cheapest guy...

Title Loan Before Filing Bankruptcy?

I’m contemplating filing Chapter 13. I really need money immediately for bills. Is it okay to get a car title loan if I may file for bankruptcy soon? I don’t necessarily want the title loan to go into the bankruptcy if I decide to file. I just want to know if it’s...

Lawsuit Served on 10 Year Old Daughter

 The Constitution guarantees certain rights, one of them being due process of law. And a large part of the process requires that each party to a lawsuit be given notice.  The legal process is designed to be an open process were everyone is given an opportunity to be...

How Much Can The IRS Garnish?

The maximum amount a judgment creditor may garnish from a paycheck is 25%, but the IRS is not subject to state exemption laws and they may garnish almost all of a person’s paycheck. In fact, IRS wage garnishments are not really based on what they can take as much as...

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